Client Spotlight: Designing for Pediatrics

Pat Guichet | SSM Health Senior Project Manager

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Pediatric Specialty Clinic is the first and only pediatric specialty clinic serving the North St. Louis County area. ARCH collaborated with SSM Health’s Senior Project Manager, Pat Guichet, to procure a collection of vibrant, hand-painted artwork to compliment the Cardinal Glennon color palette of green, purple and orange.

Watch our video to hear from SSM Health's Senior Project Manager, as she explains how ARCH Design helped her overcome challenges and bring her creative vision to life at this state-of-the-art pediatric specialty clinic. 

"ARCH is a great partner for SSM Health. They really strive to understand my vision and my goals. As a client, I can be pretty demanding, and they understand how to best work with me on projects." —Pat Guichet | Senior Project Manager for SSM Health

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