Glazing Guide:

Protect Your Art From the Start

Advancements in glazing have given art buyers more options than ever before, but the more choices you have, the harder the decision can be. As with anything you purchase, safeguarding your investment comes with a cost, and the more priceless the piece, the higher the price to protect it. By making the right choice upfront, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, in repair or replacement costs down the road.

To make your decision easier, we’ve outlined a 3-step process to guide your selection. Additionally, we’ve included a section that details several common types of glazing, the varying levels of UV protection, options to prevent reflection and glare, as well as cost multipliers to assist with budgeting.


Download this guidebook to learn:

  • Glass or Acrylic: Which Is the Best Option for Your Space?

  • UV Protection: Are You Concerned About Preserving Your Art?

  • Clarity or Glare: Which Is the Bigger Concern?

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